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Macaccino: America’s New #1 Coffee Substitute


A clean, organic superfood energy drink from Mother Nature

Our roasted Macaccino blends are delicious drinks that invoke the flavors of coffee and hot chocolate. Enjoy them in place of your sugar- and caffeine-based energy drinks and benefit from a delicious organic energy drink.


Roasted Macaccino Blends are our nutrient-rich, superfood-based beverages that will redefine how you see energy drinks. We have perfected the art of mixing hand-roasted Peruvian maca root with other organic superfood ingredients to create the world’s most delectable maca-based energy drinks.

Join the many and see what switching to maca-based superfood energy can do for your life. The energy-boosting qualities of maca root fuel every powerful cup of Macaccino. Try a Macaccino and experience all-day-long energy without the jitters and crashes of coffee.

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Why Drink Roasted Macaccino Energy Drinks?
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Our delicious Macaccinos are designed to give you a more genuine energy that lasts much longer than the shaky feeling you experience with coffee and other highly-caffeinated beverages. With Macaccino, we are creating a movement towards clean, sustainable energy that will transform the world.

  • A superfood energy drink with dense nutrition
  • Requires no brewing or grinding
  • Delicious hot, cold, or served over ice
  • Ready in an instant
  • Enjoy for less than a dollar a cup
  • Delicious, similar to coffee and hot chocolate

What Makes a Macaccino So Special?

Macaccino energy drinks are completely organic superfood energy drinks that use dense nutrition to provide a long-term energy boost similar to that from coffee and sugar, but without the crash and jitters. Each cup of Macaccino provides:

  • An organic/vegan/gluten-free/non-gmo/non-pesticide/sugar-free energy drink
  • 18 amino acids
  • Over 60 vitamins, phyto-nutrients, and minerals
  • Polyphenols to help balance mood
  • Calcium, iron, zinc, and magnesium
  • Delicious, much like coffee and hot chocolate

Learn more about the benefits of maca root, our superfood main ingredient, here.

How to Make a Macaccino Energy Drink
Our Macaccino Flavors
The Original Mocha Macaccino

Our original roasted mocha Macaccino is the perfect choice for anyone looking to try a Macaccino blend, with a flavor profile reminiscent of coffee, hot chocolate, and some malt beverages. We’ve skillfully blended roasted maca root, cocoa powder, mesquite powder, cinnamon, and nutmeg to create something the world has never seen before. All of our Macaccino blends are delicious served hot, cold, or over ice.

Learn more about our Original Mocha Roasted Maca Blend
The Magical Mint Macaccino

Still harnessing the same incredible recipe of roasted Maca, cocoa powder, mesquite powder, cinnamon, and nutmeg that’s found in our Original Mocha Macaccino Blend, our Magical Mint Maccacino is a roasted maca-based superfood energy drink that now comes with the perfect addition of organic mint. Our Magical Mint Macaccino is the perfect after-dinner drink.

Learn more about our Magical Mint Roasted Maca Blend
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The Black Maca Reserve Macaccino

The crème de la crème of our roasted maca energy drinks, the Black Maca Reserve Macaccino draws its deep flavor profile from the coveted black maca root. We use roasted black maca, roasted red maca, roasted yellow maca, beetroot powder, mesquite powder, cinnamon, and nutmeg to create our most potent and refined Macaccino. For those who love the energy-enhancing effects of hand-roasted maca root on both body and soul, this delicious energy drink is for you.

Learn more about our Black Maca Reserve Macaccino
Our Macaccino Blends are All Served Traditionally
Energy Drinks from Ancient Lands

The maca root we use in our Macaccino blends is hand picked by organic farmers in Peru (no pesticides, no growth chemicals). We do this as we follow in the ancient wisdom of the people of Peru. In Peru, where maca root is a staple of many diets, it is never served raw or as a powder. Roasting the maca root also helps to amplify its superfood qualities. The Incan warriors and kings used to consume roasted maca before heading out to war and the people of Peru still use it as a powerful energy enhancer and superfood. We follow the Peruvian style in our own preparation, serving the traditional maca root the way it was consumed by kings and warriors hundreds of years ago.

The Science of Living Natural Foods Company

Science of Living Natural Foods is dedicated to creating delicious, organic food that is good for the body and even better for the soul. With each new product, we question the status quo and reinvent the wheel by developing nutrient-rich organic food that is as delectable as it is nutritionally empowering.

Learn more about Aaron Glassman and SOL Natural Foods here.

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SOL Natural Foods maintains a commitment to the preservation of our planet. In as many ways as possible, our exploration and development of delightful adventures in food is done with the conservation of our natural resources in mind.

Learn more about our commitment to sustainability here.